Have you ever wondered how the God of the Hebrew Bible became the omnipotent, all-knowing figure we know today as Yahweh? This course offers a critical academic perspective on the evolution of the concept of God in ancient Israelite culture.

Through an in-depth analysis of biblical texts and historical documents, we will examine the social, political, and cultural factors that contributed to the development of monotheism in ancient Israel. We will explore the role of Yahweh among other deities in the ancient Near East, and consider how the Israelites' understanding of God evolved over time.

Our course is designed for students with a strong background in biblical studies, theology, or related fields. Through readings, discussions, and research assignments, we will delve into the complexities of this fascinating subject, and uncover new insights into the origins of monotheistic religion.

Suppose you are interested in exploring the roots of religious belief and the evolution of monotheism. This course offers a unique opportunity to engage with these questions from a critical academic perspective. Join us on this thought-provoking journey as we seek to understand how Yahweh became God.

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